This Newly Discovered Hormone Could Help With Diagnosis of PCOS

For years the misdiagnosis of polycystic ovary syndrome or PCOS has been unavoidable, but after the discovery of the hormone “Irisin” the reduction of misdiagnosed cases may be reduced, and the accuracy of finding PCOS will also improve. The importance of these cannot be understated, as the condition can only be treated in adolescence and the misdiagnosis have caused many otherwise healthy girls to be prescribe treatment for PCOS during a stage in their lives which is critical.

Being condition without a cure, the early detection of PCOS is essential for teenagers to have a normal life, but doctors are reluctant on calling the diagnosis, mostly because of the symptoms being easily mistaken from normal changes during the puberty stage. If not treated early these girls could grow into women with difficulties conceiving, excessive male hormone levels, and irregular periods, though manageable it is quite a troublesome condition.

The newly discovered hormone, Irisin, gives hope in the accurate detection of PCOS. The hormone is released from the muscle to regulate energy metabolism, the high levels of Irisin seems to have a correlation with PCOS being present in adults. The hope is to use the hormone levels as an indication of the presence of the condition in teenagers, along with other symptoms of course.

A promising study held in Athens, by researchers from Aghia Sophia Children’s Hospital, have yielded some results that suggest that the newly discovered hormone could be a marker for PCOS. With a control group of 17 teenagers who are healthy and 23 with PCOS, their experimental test showed that it may be used for detecting the condition, as they saw the group with PCOS showed higher levels of the hormone Irisin.

Through this new test, the young girls that are suffering from PCOS may now be able to detect the condition earlier, allowing them to deal with the condition earlier and more effectively through medication and counseling. This can in turn help them avoid further complications due to the condition, such as difficulty conceiving, excessive growth of hair, and type-2 diabetes, according to one doctor.

With studies like these we can sooner or later know more about the condition and may be able to treat it. For now early detection will allow the …


Cleanliness of the Lab and Misdiagnosis

researchWhen it comes to running tests and experiments it is important to have an orderly and clean lab. We all know how important this is back in school, with the smallest contaminant the result of an experiment can be very different to what the results should be. Although there are parts of the world, especially in make shift laboratories when doing tests in the field. But there are measures you can do to get the same level, or at least a level close to, of sterility in a fully functional research lab back home.

When in the field or in a developing country, if a lab is not yet available to you, you will definitely need to build one yourself. While doing so you need to take account proper ventilation and air filtration, along with proper lighting and cleaning equipment. The construction must be supervised by you or another qualified individual who knows the requirements for a properly sterile lab. While some are not strictly following the specifications of a proper lab, it is your professional duty to do so.

Porous materials for building are not really good for labs, as they are hard to clean and might become an area for several contaminants to grow. Fans are not desirable as they collect and spread dust around, if cooling the room is essential, you might need to spend extra for air conditioning, a regular one would do, but if you could get one where you can precisely control the humidity and temperature, that would be the best option for you.

You will also need to have an assortment of cleaning materials, though saline and bleach are the main cleaning solutions used in laboratories, there are new formulations which inhibits bacterial and fungal growth in the area for comparably longer periods of time. Though if this is not available, stick with the first two, as they have been used since the very beginning of lab sanitation.

When in the lab, prepare clothing and footwear only for the area, I clean labhave seen many laboratories not do this and it makes me cringe. Though I have been called a perfectionist with OCD, so I guess this is more of a “me” kind of thing, rather than actual standard operating procedures.

Upon the


Insect Poisoning: Symptoms, First Aid, and Preventio

bee-swarmAccording to the Fresno CA pest control company, there are a lot of incidents about home owners getting stung or bitten by the insects that live in their very own houses and backyards. These stings and bites can induce mild to severe reactions from a person’s body, but children are more likely to be more severely reactive than adults. Insect bites and stings could result to an infection, allergic reaction or toxic reaction. All of these are dangerous if the person’s body reacts severely to the substance coming from the bite or sting, or if the symptoms don’t go away after 48 hours.



The bite or sting could result to an infection that can have the following symptoms:

  • Fever
  • Swelling, reddish lines, or redness around the bite or sting
  • Increase of pain on the area of the bite or sting
  • Pus coming out of the bite or sting

Allergic Reaction 

An allergic reaction can happen at the same time with toxic reaction so these two should be carefully differentiated. The symptoms of an allergic reaction are as follows:

  • Swelling around the bite or sting
  • Hives
  • Shortness of breath, coughing, wheezing, or tightening of the chest

Toxic Reaction 

Among the three, this is the most dangerous symptom of all, because it can lead to death if not immediately treated. The bitten or stung person should be carefully observed if he or she has the following symptoms:

  • Headache and Drowsiness
  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Fever
  • Weakness of the body
  • Feeling of light headedness
  • Quick swelling around the bite or sting
  • Abdominal cramps
  • Fainting

First Aid 

When someone is stung or bitten by an insect, quickly observe the patient’s symptoms. Based on their condition and the severity of their reaction, follow the following steps.

Mild Reaction 

  • A stinger may be left stuck on the area so look closely. If there is a stinger left, try to take it out without using a tweezer or a similar tool. Pulling may cause more of the insect’s fluid to flow inside the patient’s body.
  • After making sure that the stinger is out, wash the affected area with clean soap and water.
  • If the area is swelling or painful, put a cold compress or an ice pack over it for ten minutes. This will alleviate the

Chiropractic Therapy and Medical Lab Diagnostics to Improve Athletic Ability

sports-chiropracticsThe use of medical test and chiropractic therapy to improve the condition is not new, the study has already been done numerous times, but in the studies, no relevant data has been given to truly show that there is a definite causation from the treatments. While I do believe chiropractic therapy does play a part in physical health, contributing in the flexibility of the athlete, with the help of stretching, and the overall health of the nervous system through the alignment of its main highway of communication (i.e. the spine), at best the effect of the therapy is supplementary, although the jury is still out for the final verdict.

All experiments must be done and redone multiple times in order to truly find a definite answer, as of the moment the experiment has only been done since 2009, though a good amount of years has passed since then, and what I would imagine to be multiple replication of the experiment, there is still more data to crunched and more time to be spent on analyzing and recreating the experiment.

In 2016 me and my lab partnered with Tucson chiropractors on an experiment that it’s still ongoing. For Tucson athletes who have back problems I can definitely say while a Tucson chiropractor can relieve your back pain, his effect on your athletic performance may be minimal. Although as a scientist, I believe that every little thing that contributes to a bigger picture is essential, or to put it simply the little things add up. While there is a definite effect to athletic performance when it comes to applying chiropractic therapy, as of the moment I cannot say that it plays a major role on the development of better athletes.


The use of such a therapy on full contact sports, or any sport that may affect the spinal health of the athlete, is beneficial though.  While I do not look at the use of the therapy as a way to augment the natural ability of the athlete, I believe that the overall wellness of the individual can greatly benefit from regular chiropractic therapy.

I am not, though, completely closing off the idea of the use of chiropractic therapy for the development and improvement of athletic ability. I believe that if applied …


My First Medical Lab Conference

For some reason, last year I was among the ones chosen to go to a medical lab conference. Of course I have never been to any one of those so, since I have always been the type to stay in the lab since my days in school. The idea of conferences made me think of all those things I saw in the marvel movies, when it came to events regarding scientist it was either black tie or a suit, which I had none of. So I quickly Google what to wear in a conference, which resulted to a lot of things, but all in all it just showed that I am supposed to wear something casual with a blazer. I was thankful that I had the foresight to Google it, because I was already thinking of where to rent a tux, had I not done so, I would have made a total fool of myself entering the room dressed like James Bond, though I am sure I would have pulled it off somehow.

So now that I am a pro when it comes to dressing in a conference, allow me to be your fashion expert when it comes to being safe in dressing for company and corporate events. So unless they actually tell you to wear something during the meeting or invitation, remember to play it safe. Wear something casual, but not too casual, Jeans would be an okay choice but you can also go with khaki as it can go either semi-formal or casual, a good shirt (a dress shirt, not your thunder cat T-shirt), and the most essential thing in the list is a Blazer or Sports Jacket (Not as varsity jacket), it would also help if wear casual shoes, they might not be as comfortable as your trainers but they are just perfect for these kinds of events.


James Bond

That’s my fashion tip for today, not bad for a Medical Technician if I say so myself.