Chiropractic Therapy and Medical Lab Diagnostics to Improve Athletic Ability

sports-chiropracticsThe use of medical test and chiropractic therapy to improve the condition is not new, the study has already been done numerous times, but in the studies, no relevant data has been given to truly show that there is a definite causation from the treatments. While I do believe chiropractic therapy does play a part in physical health, contributing in the flexibility of the athlete, with the help of stretching, and the overall health of the nervous system through the alignment of its main highway of communication (i.e. the spine), at best the effect of the therapy is supplementary, although the jury is still out for the final verdict.

All experiments must be done and redone multiple times in order to truly find a definite answer, as of the moment the experiment has only been done since 2009, though a good amount of years has passed since then, and what I would imagine to be multiple replication of the experiment, there is still more data to crunched and more time to be spent on analyzing and recreating the experiment. A chiropractor in San Diego got jailed and his family had to call a San Diego bail bonds company to get him released from the jail.

In 2016 me and my lab partnered with Tucson chiropractors on an experiment that it’s still ongoing. For Tucson athletes who have back problems I can definitely say while a Tucson chiropractor can relieve your back pain, his effect on your athletic performance may be minimal. Although as a scientist, I believe that every little thing that contributes to a bigger picture is essential, or to put it simply the little things add up. While there is a definite effect to athletic performance when it comes to applying chiropractic therapy, as of the moment I cannot say that it plays a major role on the development of better athletes.


The use of such a therapy on full contact sports, or any sport that may affect the spinal health of the athlete, is beneficial though.  While I do not look at the use of the therapy as a way to augment the natural ability of the athlete, I believe that the overall wellness of the individual can greatly benefit from regular chiropractic therapy.

I am not, though, completely closing off the idea of the use of chiropractic therapy for the development and improvement of athletic ability. I believe that if applied to younger developing and aspiring athletes, there might be more visible effects. Coupled with Medical Lab Diagnostics, we can gather data from a proper long term experiment that could yield more data, compared to the experiment done with the fully mature subjects.

Final Words

With a lack of full access to the researcher’s data, my conclusion and thoughts was produced through my analysis of the publicized data. I am aware that I might be wrong with my conclusions, but this is the beauty of the medical and scientific community, though I firmly believe in my stance as of the moment, this is not to stop the researchers from continuing the study, but to delve into it even deeper, if they were to provide data that would show better proof of their hypothesis, I will review it again and may reconsider my stance, however little they care about my opinion.