Environmental Impact of Conventional Pesticides VS Organic Pesticide

There has been an alarming number of misleading studies stating that organic pesticides are better for the environment. Nowadays anything with the word “organic” in it is considered to be infallible like it’s magic or something. Unfortunately for those believers of the organic cult reading this, organic is just a marketing word today. Yes, there was a time when organic is a pretty good choice, but now with the minimum requirements you can say anything is organic, but I digress. The point is just because its organic or natural does not mean it doesn’t cause some sort of environmental imbalance.

If you give a call to a Pest Control Company Redlands and ask them which is safer, they would ask you to define the word “safe.” Compounds developed by big companies for years has been formulated to target specific species and organisms, while the natural alternative is unrefined and actually ends up doing more than it was intended to do. None of these chemicals are safe, but at the very least the conventional pesticide was formulated to be more precise. And as time goes on, more research will lead to pesticides with the level of surgical precision, allowing it to cause less and less negative effects to the environment; while the natural alternative remains the same and will seem to become the worst choice between the two.