Preparing Your Child For Medical Laboratory Test

It is normal for parents and children to feel anxious about medical laboratory testing. Aside from worrying about the result, the actual procedure could be frightening for children. The mere extraction of a blood sample could take long because he is fussy and scared. The fear of your child can cause undue stress to all the parties involved.

It is understandable for parents to be anxious about having their child undergo testing. However, it is important to understand that laboratory testing is not meant to harm your kid. It is intended to keep your child healthy. It gives the doctors sufficient information to diagnose your child’s illness so that they can provide the best care and treatment.  It would be best to list it down all the questions you could think about to discuss with your doctor. Your questionnaire will help prepare you to address all of your concerns with your child’s doctor. You can also use the internet to further your research the illness of your child. Go to this site

You also need to take the time to talk to your child and explain to him the procedure that he has to undergo. Teach him deep breathing techniques to help keep him calm. It is also good to be hydrated. Do not forget to let your child drink lots of water especially if he needs his urine checked. Also, your child needs to get a good night sleep so that he will be energetic the next day.

You also need to consider the schedule of your child’s medical examination. Do not schedule it when it is his usual time for sleep. Do not schedule it when you have to do other errands, too. I remember this instance when a mom still stopped by a carpet cleaning Utah office before proceeding to the laboratory. The mom reasoned that she needed to schedule it that day because the carpet cleaners have a long list due to its very efficient service. While it could be a good cause, the child was already cranky by the time they got to the laboratory. This crankiness made it almost impossible to proceed with the test. Always remember that the mood of your child is inevitably affected when he is tired or hungry.

You need to give it straight with your child, too. Tell your child that the procedure might be uncomfortable but everything will be okay and the pain will subside eventually. If it is possible, be close to your kid so that you can pacify him. Do not forget to praise your child for facing the test courageously. You may want to treat him afterward to his favorite dessert place.

As a parent, you need to relax because the child can feel your anxieties. Stay calm and keep a positive outlook. Praying can be helpful, too.

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