This Newly Discovered Hormone Could Help With Diagnosis of PCOS

For years the misdiagnosis of polycystic ovary syndrome or PCOS has been unavoidable, but after the discovery of the hormone “Irisin” the reduction of misdiagnosed cases may be reduced, and the accuracy of finding PCOS will also improve. The importance of these cannot be understated, as the condition can only be treated in adolescence and the misdiagnosis have caused many otherwise healthy girls to be prescribe treatment for PCOS during a stage in their lives which is critical.

Being condition without a cure, the early detection of PCOS is essential for teenagers to have a normal life, but doctors are reluctant on calling the diagnosis, mostly because of the symptoms being easily mistaken from normal changes during the puberty stage. If not treated early these girls could grow into women with difficulties conceiving, excessive male hormone levels, and irregular periods, though manageable it is quite a troublesome condition.

The newly discovered hormone, Irisin, gives hope in the accurate detection of PCOS. The hormone is released from the muscle to regulate energy metabolism, the high levels of Irisin seems to have a correlation with PCOS being present in adults. The hope is to use the hormone levels as an indication of the presence of the condition in teenagers, along with other symptoms of course. Visit website here –

A promising study held in Athens, by researchers from Aghia Sophia Children’s Hospital, have yielded some results that suggest that the newly discovered hormone could be a marker for PCOS. With a control group of 17 teenagers who are healthy and 23 with PCOS, their experimental test showed that it may be used for detecting the condition, as they saw the group with PCOS showed higher levels of the hormone Irisin.

Through this new test, the young girls that are suffering from PCOS may now be able to detect the condition earlier, allowing them to deal with the condition earlier and more effectively through medication and counseling. This can in turn help them avoid further complications due to the condition, such as difficulty conceiving, excessive growth of hair, and type-2 diabetes, according to one doctor.

With studies like these we can sooner or later know more about the condition and may be able to treat it. For now early detection will allow the girls to live more normal lives compared to a situation where they had not known that they were suffering from PCOS.

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It is research like these that allow us to develop treatment and tests that saves people’s lives, the importance of laboratory work is essential to learning more about inner workings of things, and the discovery of new components creates new ways for us to detect and treat.

While our duty is to test samples sent to us, we should also take note of anything that is out of the ordinary, as overlooking something as small as an unfamiliar hormone could prevent us from making discoveries such as these, and in turn wasting the chance to save many lives.